Engage with your breath,

Connect with your body


The pratice of yoga is a traditional holistic approach to well-being, using a framework of movement, breath, mindfulness and meditation. through this practice my aims is to inspire and promote personal growth, bring strength and comfort to the body and guide youtowards a deeper connection with your true nature.

The approach i use offers you the tools for self transformation and adapts to everybody regardless of age or ability. my experience and study of the traditional styles reflect in this creative practice, from the flow of Vinyasa, the dynamism of Ashtanga to the restorative practices of YinYoga.

Allow me to guide you on this path to balance and wellbeing.

Activate the body, invite transformation to full movement, develop strength and flexibility


My love for yoga began in my early twenties with the gift of a book. My interest grew over the next 3 decades as yoga accompanied me, as my career took me to all corners of the world. The freedom of my job allowed me to practice, explore and study many different styles of yoga in many different locations from Sivinanda yoga in Nassau to Sri Dharma Mittra’s school in New York. Ashtanga yoga became part of my life in the 1990’s. I practiced for 2 years and this became the foundation for the method I currently teach.

I went on to study further, completing a Level 3 i Yoga. I started to teach locally in 2013. These classes grew and loyal followers inspired me even further, to guide them to a deeper personal unserstanding and practice of yoga.

In 2018, I chose to purseu my life long passion full time and travelled to Rishikesh, India. There, eager to understand the rich cultural roots of yoga, I qualified in advance techer training .

Through a creative synthesis of all styles I have practiced and explored, I have developed a unique approach respecting the traditional teachings of yoga. Yoga has transformed my life in many positive ways: physical, emotional and spiritual. I have reaped the benefits of a continued practice and would love to guide you on a path to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Namaste.

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